Booking Terms & Conditions

By booking premises hire at BUNKHAUS LONDON you agree to the following terms: 

Booking Policy

  1. Primary and other AUTHORISED Guests must be at least 18 years old.
  2. A separate Security Deposit is payable at the time of booking to confirm the Booking time slot, and held for the duration of the Booking; this will be refundable up to 7 working days following the Booking, upon satisfactory inspection of the property and facilities, providing booking terms are adhered to. 
  3. An invoice for the total booking balance will be issued within 1 working day of receipt of your Booking inquiry; the security deposit is separate from and not deducted from your total booking balance. Payment of the invoice is due 4 days ahead of your booking date.
  4. Failure to pay your booking balance up to 1 working day ahead of your booking, would be viewed as a Late Cancellation and you may lose your Security Deposit and booking time slot.
  5. You accept the following cancellation terms:
    • Up to 1 week before booking: The Hire Fee & Security Deposit will be refunded and the booking can be rescheduled for free.​
    • Less than 1 week before booking: The Security Deposit will be forfeit, unless rescheduling up to 3 days before booking for a £30 fee. It is possible to reschedule a maximum of 2 times from the original date, with the subsequent cancellation of a rescheduled booking forfeiting the Deposit.
    • Up to 3 days before booking: It is possible to reschedule your booking for a £30 fee, depending on availability.​
    • Less than 3 days before booking (Late Cancellation): The Security Deposit will be forfeit, unable to reschedule.
  6. The Security Deposit would be returned in full within 3 working days of check out time, additional charges would be invoiced separately and not deducted from the Security Deposit.  Some card issuers take 7-10 days to process refunds.
  7. The standard Booking party capacity is limited to 3 Guests as the overall number of Guests for the duration of the Booking, not restricted to the number of occupants at any given time. 
  8. Additional Guests can be agreed with Bunker London Ltd ahead of the Booking arrival, for a surcharge of £40 per Guest. Additional Guests found to be on site in breach of the original Booking terms, will be charged in retrospect.
  9. Guests are asked not to solicit for additional attendees, once the session has started; guest numbers should be confirmed prior to arrival.


  1. The Booking times should be adhered to, to ensure that the premises are cleared and vacated in a respectable condition by the end of the Booking time slot - 15 minutes grace period is provided ahead of the scheduled start time, to enable access, setup and familiarisation with the premises. Bookers are to pack away and vacate the premises by the end of the time slot; any time taken in excess of 15 minutes over the booking time, must be confirmed with staff and would incur additional hourly rates.
  2. Late departure at the end of the Booking time slot would incur a separate penalty fee, charged at a rate of £30 per 30-minutes, or billed at the additional hourly rate stated at the time of booking. This is to be paid upon receipt of the respective invoice and the Security Deposit is refunded in full, once the payment has been received.
  3. If The Primary Guest wishes to extend the Booking time to end after the allotted time, this must be agreed with Bunker London Ltd at the time of the Booking, or no less than an hour prior to the end of the allotted time. In the case of overnight bookings, this must be confirmed before 10pm.


  1. Limited consumables are provided within the Booking cost and the Booking party are advised to source their own requirements - further information of consumables is provided within the guest information at time of booking,
  2. The kitchenette is stocked to provide complimentary tea and coffee based refreshments for guests.
  3. Guests are responsible for turning off any electronic devices that have been plugged in for use within their booking session - with particular attention to ensure that fans, heaters and air conditioning are turned off.
  4. Caution should be exercised when using equipment, referring to visitor guides
  5. Only human waste, water and toilet paper are to be flushed in the toilet - The Primary Guest is liable for the callout fee of £150 if required to investigate and resolve any issues occurring with plumbing as a result of negligence.



Information & Responsibilities 

  1. Bunker London Ltd Staff will be on site prior to the Booking to ensure that the property is clean and set up for use.
  2. Guests warrant that they possess working knowledge required to operate equipment in order to prevent harm to self and others and damage to equipment. The Primary Booker agrees that the hire of the studio and operation of equipment is solely for the purpose of scenic use. 
  3. The Primary Guest agrees during the full period of studio hire: i) to comply with rules and adhere to clearly marked signs and instructions in relation to the hire of studio and operation of the equipment as communicated at the time of booking and through the provided guest information guidelines and safety information provided  prior to commencement of studio hire; ii) all authorised guests shall use their best endeavours to read adhere to any facility guidelines and information; iii) the Primary guest shall fully inform any authorised guests of their obligation under this agreement, in the event of absence by any of the Authorised Guests at the time of the briefing; iv) to operate equipment only if they possess a working knowledge that would prevent harm to self or others and damage to equipment. 
  4. Bunker London Ltd excludes liability for action, claims, consequential loss, or physical damage arising out of guests' failure to comply with rules and instructions communicated at the time of booking and during the briefing. Bunker London Ltd is covered with PLI which has been provided by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited.
  5. Guests shall be liable for damage to the studio or equipment arising due to improper or incorrect use. Including any such damage arising due to non compliance, non performance or fundamental breach of any or all of their obligations which are outlined in this agreement.
  6. The Primary Guest will act as the main contact for the Booking and be responsible to ensure the property is kept secure and vacated in a respectable condition, ensuring they are the first and last on site. 
  7. The property access doors MUST remain locked and closed at all times, ensuring that this is checked upon exit.
  8. The Primary Guest acknowledges and accepts the use and recording of a Ring camera on the entry to the premises to monitor security.
  9. The Primary Guest will be responsible for the conduct of persons using Bunker London Ltd; ensuring that individuals do not loiter, smoke or cause disturbance during their stay, or when arriving or departing the property. 
  10. Respecting our neighbours is essential. Please do not loiter outside in any inappropriate state of dress or undress - booking activities must remain inside premises at all times.


  1. A basic first aid kit is on site for the Guests to use; The Primary Guest should notify Bunker London Ltd of any injuries sustained during the Booking. 
  2. Guests are asked to treat the facilities and kit with respect; using the bins and cleaning aids on site, to “leave as found”, returning the facility  in a condition similar to which it was found. Additional cleaning fees of £30 for standard cleaning or £60 for deep cleaning, this will be advised and charged as necessary prior to the refund of the Security Deposit.
  3. In cases of more extreme guest negligence and disregard for property and hygiene, the Security Deposit may be withheld to account for additional costs and services necessary, or against the impact to other guest bookings. 
  4. The Primary Guest is responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing any damage to the property, facilities or scenic items lost or damaged; or for deep clean of the property in the event that unnecessary mess is caused. In the event of this, the Security Deposit will be held against costs. 
  5. Whilst on the property, Guests are to respect physical boundaries and locked cupboards and doors, should be viewed as out of bounds unless an emergency is warranted. Accessing these areas without due cause, would forfeit the Security Deposit. 
  6. Bunker London Ltd does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of property or belongings that are placed and left on the property - please notify us immediately in the event of misplaced items. 
These terms are binding on the parties and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the UK.