BunkHaus London is located in Marylebone in central London. The nearest tube stations are Edgware Road (5 minutes walk) or Marylebone Station (15 minutes walk).

Accessibility entrance at the rear of the premises via the small private residents car park down the side of Westmacott House; opposite "7" Hatton Street Studios,  Hatton Street, NW8 8PL.
Enter the estate, go through the car park and look for the black door on the rear wall, with a "B" on the top left of the door -as pictured to the left.

Access is on street level at the rear of the building, fitted with a ramp over the threshold strip for access. The door is fitted with a time sensitive code lock and Ring door camera.

We aren't listed on Google as a business but you can find us using the map below:

Please be respectful to our neighbourhood and avoid loitering or smoking outside the front of the facility. There is a designated smoking area inside.


There is limited paid street parking on Frampton Street.

The nearest secure car park is Church Street Car Park, a 2-minute walk away.

Getting Help

For help during your stay you can WhatsApp or Text Hunter on +44(0)7549 854705 between 10am-8pm.
Please restrict contact outside of these time to Emergency only.

Check In

A unique door code is issued to let yourself in on arrival, this enables entry 15mins before your start time.
This is sent upon receipt of your booking payment, up to a day before your booking date.

Please let us know if you would like to arrange a viewing of the facility on arrival, or if you have any specification for the temperature ready for arrival, to enable you to maximise your time with us.


Please make sure that the front door is firmly closed & locked behind you, upon arrival and exit of the premises.

TURNING LIGHTING ON / OFF : A single switch in the entry of the premises will turn all the lighting on for arrival or off for departure. When entering the facility press the “ON” button on the white switch on the right, inside of the entry door. 5 favourite lighting presets alternate, depending on how many times the on button is pressed. A wall mounted iPad inside the studio, provides greater customisation.

Please don't use any of the conventional light switches as these will override the iPad/entry switch.



PASSWORD:             Buttplug1


Your Quick Steps to Freedom:
Guests are asked to treat the facilities and kit with respect; using the bins and cleaning aids on site,  to “leave as found”, returning the facility  in a condition similar to which it was found. Please ensure the following measures:


​ Wipe down and return furniture to where it was found.

​ Rinse off  any used insertable or medical toys, and left in the unit underneath the sink in the wet room for cleaning.

​Use the green squirt bottle on the medical trolley, to quickly spray and hang up any equipment used from the kit walls.
  Put any used towels in the black bucket on top of the washer & drier in the rear annex for the laundry and WC.
  Turn off any music, air-con, heaters or electronic devices used during the duration of your visit.
 Push the white ‘OFF’ switch by the entrance/exit, to turn off all lights/lamps.

 Firmly close and check the doors are secure and locked when vacating the facility, the property doors MUST remain locked.

Please send a quick courtesy message to Hunter when vacating, to advise when you have left the facility and if any issues arise - Do not hesitate to ask if you are ever unsure.

Floor Plan

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We provide virtual tour videos for easy instruction and overview of the facilities and general troubleshooting of amenities 

Guided tours to greet you upon arrival for your booking, can be arranged with Hunter directly. 


The accessibility entrance point is located at the rear of the premises, via a residential car park on Hatton Street. - Guests are asked to be respectful to our neighbours; please avoid loitering and smoking outside the premises. 

The door access codes are provided with the booking confirmation, once full payment is received ahead of your booking. Please check to ensure the door is firmly closed shut behind you.

Once inside the premises, there is a white Philips Hue switch to turn all lights on/off when entering or vacating the premises. 


As well as the white Hue switch in the entry of the facility, the Philips Hue lighting system can be controlled via the Hue app on the wall mounted iPad adjacent to the bed in the studio.

Lighting can be customised by entire premises, zone or individual lights; either selecting a pre-saved scene, or independently altering hue, brightness and power on the selected setting. 


BunkHaus has central heating (radiators), a wall-mounted AC unit and separate tower fan heaters for hot or cold air. These are set to turn on with the main light.

The central heating thermostat is located in the main room, adjacent to the equipment walls, control can also be accessed via the iPad.

PLEASE NOTE : The heating and AirCon have an override button in the rear annex WC. If power fails to come on the heating or AirCon, please push the button on the wall in the rear annex WC by the combi-boiler.


The air conditioning unit in the main room is both an air conditioner and a heater – the remote is just underneath it, by the cell window. Press the “ON” button to turn it on, the ‘MODE’ button to cycle through cold or hot air, and the ARROWS to turn the temperature up or down.


2 independent fan heaters are available to use and move around the premises as required, for either heat or cooling on site. We ask guests to please ensure these are returned and powered off after use.


​Music can be streamed via the wall-mounted iPad in the studio space adjacent to the bed.

Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud & YouTube are installed on the iPad to enable easy streaming options and frequently used playlists.

The volume option for the iPad can be accessed by dragging down on the top left of the screen.

We ask guests to ensure that the music is turned off when vacating.


The suspension hoist in the middle of the studio is operated with the yellow up/down control. If no operation happens at the press of a button, please twist the red 'stop' button to release the operation.

Crash mats are available underneath the main bed in the studio.


The kitchenette is supplied with an array of glasswear, tablewear and cutlery; in addition to having a Nespresso pod coffee machine, kettle, fridge  and microwave for guests to use. 


We permit limited smoking on site around scenes. 

If guests wish to smoke, we ask not to loiter outside the premises and the rear annex WC can be closed with the window open, to provide a smoking area.


We ask guests to wipe off an rinse any used insertable items and gags; placing these in the trolley underneath the sink in the wet room.

This is to ensure the safe and sanitary cleaning between bookings.


We provide a consumables trolley with basic booking needs and cleaning supplies for your visit. 

Guests are asked to properly dispose of unwanted rubbish in the bins provided and sharps are disposed of in the sharps bin on the trolley.

Booking Add-Ons

We have a number of additional items available for a small hire fee per booking, these are by arrangement prior to the booking commencement and are provided in lieu of an additional refundable item deposit being held against the session hire of the specified item(s).
The deposit is returned after your stay, subject to the safe and clean return of items. 
We will ensure all items are checked and cleaned with every use. Any repair or replacement will be charged as necessary.



• PVC Bedding £20 session hire charge, £100 deposit.
• Sheets of San Francisco Bedding £20 session hire charge, £200 deposit.
• PVC Wet Play Pool £40 session hire charge, £100 deposit.

• F-Machine Pro3 £30 session hire charge, £100 deposit. (fucking machine)
• F-Machine Tremblr £40 session hire charge, £100 deposit. (penis milking machine)
• E-Stim 2B £40 session hire charge, £200 deposit. (electro stimulation)

• Lighting Kit £50 session hire charge, £100 deposit.


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